Battalion Updates & News!

Pvt. Tom M. Waters

7th & 30th MO. Vols.

Dec 5, 2018

In Memory of our Pard!

New Battalion Schedule has been posted for Campaign 2020!

Change has been made in Battalion Hospital. Western Bluecoats Field Hospital has mustereed out and we have a new Battalion Surgeon. Congratulations to Major TJ Howard of the 1st Nebraska. He is now the official Battalion Surgeon and will establish the Battalions Field Hospital at events.

Our Battalion Major is Dave Renli

  Spring of 64 - If any member has the interest of trying an event full Campaigner then you need to join up with Noah Snelson and the Lyon Legion. However, for those who want to stick with the mainstream, Muddy River is putting together a company to send to this event. If your interested please get registered ASAP and let Col. Anderson know that you want to be a part of the Muddy River Company.  When you register for this event please just list your home unit as Muddy River Battalion.