Battalion Updates & News!

Prairie Grove has been Cancelled. The next Prairie Grove event will be held in 2022.  

Of course we have almost nothing to report due to this pandemic which has shut everything down for this year it seems.  We are hoping that things will return back to normal by next year. Not for sure what the future holds but for now we are the Muddy River Battalion! - Men of Union and we eagerly await our chance to get back out into the field and wear the Blue wool uniform once again.

Change has been made in Battalion Hospital. Western Bluecoats Field Hospital has mustered out and we have a new Battalion Surgeon. Congratulations to Major TJ Howard of the 1st Nebraska. He is now the official Battalion Surgeon and will establish the Battalions Field Hospital at events.

1st & 8th Missouri State Militia company has gone defunct & has been dropped from Battalion Roster.

                                                          Our new Battalion Major is Dave Renli

Have you been active on the Battalion members-only Facebook Page? Well, why not? It's a good place for members to communicate online within the privacy of the Battalion.  It's in place for the use of our members.  The Colonel often puts out important stuff on the page so if you're not in it, then apply & if you are in it, then make sure you are active.

Check out our Battalion Library page if you have not done so yet. It has a lot of great resources.  You can find it by clicking here (USMRB Library)

New free video out by Civil War digital digest on the making of Hardtack but you have to request it from them directly.  Check out their video commercial.