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 - Battalion Congress Meeting Notes Nov. 2017 - 

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Congratulations to Col. James Crofutt on his Promotion to Brigadier General & to the position of Division Commander of  1st Federal Division. We know the 1FD has a great commander & we are going to miss our beloved Battalion Commander. He will still sort of run Muddy River & be a part of its Headquarters (since it is his home battalion) but officially Battalion command will fall upon Major Lloyd Coates. 

If your company is going to Cowtown in April or if your company isn't going but you want to come on your own, please contact Battalion H.Q. - We are being limited by the event to a 2 company battalion detachment (40 Rifles) so we are either going to field a detachment of 2 companies or we are going to field as 1 big company, that will be decided as we get closer to the event. Our nucleus company that we are building the Muddy River Detachment around is the 7th & 30th Missouri under Capt. Mike Sager. Battalion H.Q. Contact for this event is James Crofutt.

Don't forget! - Muddy River Battalion wants to put an emphasis this year on everyone who wears glasses, "You guys getting either period eyewear or do the contact lens thing". We need to purge our ranks of modern day eyewear, they are an eyesore and also very noticeable by the public & other reenactors. Also, shoes!!! let's be sure to wear proper Brogans or other period correct footwear. Company Commanders & 1st Sergeants this is your responsibility so please be diligent in working with folks on all of this.  We are a team as a battalion and one or two little things can ruin an otherwise good looking battalion impression! Just because we are mainstreamers does not mean that we get a pass on our basic's of authenticity!

Battalion webpage fee is coming due here in about 2 months - If Member units would like to send in a donation to help cover this cost please send to Muddy River Battalion P.O. Box 8092 St. Joseph MO. 64508. Be sure to make check or money order out o James Crofutt so he can cash. If you want to pay pal then contact James Crofutt & he can get you a pay pal address to send to.   

Pvt. Tom M. Waters

7th & 30th MO. Vols.

Dec 5, 2018

In Memory of our Pard!