Battalion Updates & News!

 - Battalion Congress Meeting Notes Nov. 2017 - 

Nothing to report at this time, however, we did have 1 company from the battalion which recently served with the 1st Federal Division's Battalion and the GAR Effort that they put together. Sounds like everyone had a good time.  Anyway, we need to rest up and prepare for the fall Campaign. Pipestone Mn. is in August for some but the battalion wants to start getting things ready for Lexington. Hopefully, everyone is still working on the Civilian impression because the U.S. Muddy River Battalion is going to portray Peabody's 13th Missouri Vols. and also Van Horns Kansas City Battalion.   

July 25th  - Lexington MO. - Received word that this event has been downgraded to a Living History on the Battlefield Park & that the full Re-enactment is being re-scheduled for sometime in 2019. - (Link to the announcement)     Muddy River is going to try to make the Brownville Nebraska event on the weekend of October 12-14, 2018.  Here is the Lexington announcement - Link.

Here is the official letter from the Lexington Tourism Board about the Lexington event being re-scheduled.

Dear Members of the Reenactment Community,

We appreciate your support and enthusiasm regarding the Battle of Lexington Reenactment that was planned for October of 2018.  Regretfully, the committee planning the reenactment has come to the conclusion that we are unable to marshal the resources required for a quality, large-scale event this fall. Therefore, we have decided to scale back the event to a living history event. We remain deeply committed to bringing the Battle of Lexington Reenactment back to life in the coming years. We are working hard to establish the required resources to create the exceptional reenactment Lexington has hosted in years past, one that we can all be proud to participate in.

We are excited to be hosting 100 reenactors by invitation for "Spirit of the Civil War” taking place on October 27th of 2018. This living history event will include encampments, a march through town, charge on the Anderson House, and a ladies' tea and fashion show. Wrapping up the event will be an evening candlelight tour and guided interpretation of the Anderson House hospital as well as our Haunted Cemetery Tour, where stories from the grave come to life. We look forward to celebrating our shared passion for Civil War history with all of you and our community at-large. We promise a fun weekend of living history, chili, hot cider, and great company! 

We are proud of our town and its national heritage and look forward to again hosting the Battle of Lexington Reenactment in the coming years. We will be communicating future plans over the coming months. We are grateful for your continued support and look forward to working together to share our passion for the Civil War.


Lexington Tourism Commission

U.S. Muddy River has changed its Schedule and is now supporting the Brownville Nebraska event on the weekend of October 13-14, however, the battalion has secured a spot in the Lexington Living History event and we will form a single company portraying Peabody's Company B of the 13th Missouri U.S. Volunteers.  This portrayal will require a Civilian impression because research has revealed that the men of the 13th Missouri & also Van Horns Kansas City Battalion were issued muskets and leather gear & basic camp equipment but no union blue uniforms.  These guys were basically fighting in their civilian clothes from home and at 1 point in the battle, we do have a report of a historical friendly fire incident because the Irish brigade boys got confused during the fighting and they mistook the 13th MO. boys as pro-southern Missouri State Guard & accidentally firing 2 volleys into them.  Anyway, Col. Crofutt is heading up this company for the Lexington Living history event & this will pretty much be a 1-day event on Saturday, October 27th but we have the option of staying the night if we want to do so and go home on Sunday morning.  We will be on the original Battlefield of Lexington so authenticity will be a little bit more as expected & also those who participate will have a chance to charge the Anderson House in an actual Skirmish on that day.  Company B of the 13th Missouri was known as the German Company in the Regiment so be prepared with your German impressions.  Anyway, if anyone wants to sign up to be a part of Muddy River Battalions Lexington Living History Company you need to contact Col. James Crofutt and sign up through him at  

Pictured Left - Muddy River Battalion  sent a company to Gettysburg for the 155th Anniversary and this was a combo company with folks coming from the various member Units of the Battalion. Early reports seem to indicate a good time. We marched with the 1st Federal Division and the new GAR

 Pictured below: The 13th U.S. (Company D) out of South Dakota reports that they had a good event at Pipestone this past August.