Battalion Updates & News!

 - Battalion Congress Meeting Notes Nov. 2017 - 

The Muddy River Battalion is currently in Summer furlough. We do have a detachment of Volunteers going to Gettysburg in June & July. They will be falling in with a battalion that 1st Federal Division is putting together.  We are excited to hear the after action reports from that event.  In the meantime over here this side of the river we are steadily pushing towards the fall Campaign which will include the Lexington event.  Muddy River is scheduled to portray the consolidated Regiment of Peabody's 13th Missouri & Van Horns Kansas City Battalion for that event. It's a specialized impression so we are working hard to do it right and to look like real Civilian soldiers.  Details on this event are being figured out right now and we hope to be releasing updates soon.

Nothing to report at this time, however, we did have 1 company from the battalion which recently served with the 1st Federal Division's Battalion and the GAR Effort that they put together. Sounds like everyone had a good time.  Anyway, we need to rest up and prepare for the fall Campaign. Pipestone Mn. is in August for some but the battalion wants to start getting things ready for Lexington. Hopefully, everyone is still working on the Civilian impression because the U.S. Muddy River Battalion is going to portray Peabody's 13th Missouri Vols. and also Van Horns Kansas City Battalion.