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To every member of the Muddy River Battalion!,

With the resignation of Colonel Anderson last summer, it became incumbent on me as the Major to hold the reins for a few months even as issues raged across the Country. It has been a rough couple years for all in the hobby. Now with things changing a bit and a new opportunity to take the field in 2022 I had called the Battalion Adjutant to call for an election. I wish to thank Rand Megard for his work in carrying out that assignment. All divisiveness aside, it is my intent as the newly elected Colonel to strive to hear concerns and ideas which can lead this Battalion back to where it was a number of years ago when we could field 75-100 rifles at Battalion Max Events. I do ask a series of favors.

Major Dave Renli of the 13th U.S. (D) is elected to Battalion Commander of Muddy River Inf. Battalion by a 3 to 2 vote during the election!  -  Congratulations & Huzzah to Colonel Dave Renli! 

1. Please express your ideas and concerns through your Company Officers. The chain of command will bring them up the ladder to be discussed by the Battalion Congress which is comprised of Company and Field Officers. Thank you.
2. As I have observed falling under various commanders at a multitude of events not all commands are consistently given across the hobby. It is often by working with the same units and the same officers that we learn from each other what is expected. I will spend time with Company Officers and they with me as we get familiar with each other. Patience is a virtue.
3. At Carthage in May, I expect three good companies. I also plan to spend some time in each company’s camp to chat for a bit. I also will be looking to fill the position of Adjutant as Lt Megard moves into his position with the 1st Federal Division. Various Field positions will be filled as the need arises and if a certain event needs a temporary position filled, a Brevet will be filled.
4. I want to be welcoming to our Associated Units and other groups who want to fall in with us at events so if there are a few folks melded into your units, especially those you already have relationships with from time to time make them welcome. Remember their drill, their level of experience may be more or less than that of your unit.
5. Finally, we have, within our organization, units who are very mainstream and a couple who lean a bit more towards the campaigner style reenacting. Both have their place. I will do my best to assign camp areas with this in mind. I expect respect for all units and individuals. I am not very tolerant of the arguments that have sometimes taken place in camps.I thank you all for the opportunity.

I am, but your Servant

David A. Renli,

Colonel US Muddy River Battalion 

The Battalion Schedule has been released. - Go check it out & get those days needed scheduled off & into your calendar so you can attend these events & support Muddy River! - Come on guys it's all for the Union - Huzzah!