Muddy River - Our Battle Honors

April 2017 - Battle of Pittsburg Landing (aka Shiloh) Tennessee -  Portrayed the 25th Missouri (opening scenario, Fraleys Field), 18th Missouri (Hornets Nest), & on Sunday we portrayed the 1st Nebraska (Grants Counter-attack). Battalion fielded 4 companies and turnout of approximately 80 Rifles.  This was a 1st Federal Division & G.A.R. event.  

Hulston Mills MO. - (June 2016) Generic event & we portrayed ourselves as Muddy River Battalion.  4 Companies & fielded approx. 60 Rifles.

Perryville Ky. - (October 2016) 1st Federal Division fielded a single regiment of 300 Rifles (per event requirements) & so Muddy River Battalion consolidated into a single company & fielding approx. 50 Rifles.  On Saturday we were portraying the 80th Illinois Infantry & on Sunday we were portraying the 3rd Ohio Infantry.

Prairie Grove - (December 2016) - Battalion fielded 4 companies & approximately 60 Rifles.  On Saturday we portrayed the 19th Iowa Infantry.  On Sunday we portrayed the 13th Kansas Infantry. 

Campaign -2016 

Campaign - 2017

Campaign 2015

Hulston Mill (June 2015) – Basic generic Civil War encampment weekend with a late war 1865 year setting. Battalion fielded 4 Companies & turnout of approximately 65 Rifles. Portrayed ourselves as the U.S. Muddy River Battalion.

1862 Battle of Pea Ridge Arkansas (September 2015) A 1st Federal Division “Effort in the West” – Battalion fielded 3 companies & a turnout of approximately 60 Rifles. On Saturday we portrayed Phelps Independent Regiment of Missouri Volunteers & on Sunday we portrayed the 22nd Indiana Infantry. This was the first time Muddy River has ever done a Pea Ridge event.

Campaign 2014

1864 Battle of Pilot Knob MO.– 150 (September 2014) – Battalion fielded 6 Companies & turnout of approximately 120 Rifles. Portrayed the 47th Missouri Infantry Volunteers and we were able to represent all 6 of the companies of that regiment that were at the original battle.

1862 Battle of Prairie Grove Arkansas (Dec 2014) 1FD Effort in the West – Battalion fielded 3 companies & a turnout of approximately 50 Rifles. On Saturday we portrayed the 26th Indiana Infantry for Herron's Assault and went up the hill near the Borden house. On Sunday we portrayed the 13th Kansas Infantry as we recreated the never before done scenario of Blunt's arrival and assault.

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