Muddy River -2018 Schedule

December 1-2: Prairie Grove Arkansas (Max Effort)

1862 portrayal of the battle of Prairie Grove Arkansas, an actual recreation of the battle on original Battlefield. Saturday We are portraying the 20th Wisconsin. On Sunday we will re-enact the arrival of Blunts Division so we will be portraying the 11th Kansas Infantry. More information on Battalion Facebook Page as Information becomes available.

Other Regional events of Interest

June 9-10: - Hulston Mill, MO (Regional event of Interest) - This is the local event for our guys in the 26th MO

July 5-8:- Battle of Gettysburg PA (Muddy River Detachment) – Battalion Sanctioned going with 1st Federal Division & G.A.R. Looking to field 1 big company & serve in a 1FD battalion. Muddy River detachment Commander, Captain Keven Christensen

August 11-12: -Pipestone MN / Regional event of Interest - Hosted by the 13th U.S. (D) - This is a good event!

October 12 - 14 - Brownville Nebraska (Battalion Sanctioned)  - Generic Weekend but town of Brownville existed during the war. Saturday Tactical in town and afternoon fight on the battlefield. Sunday fight along Missouri River. Always a good time. - This in place of the recent Canceled Lexington Event

October 27 - Lexington MO. - (Living History) (Battalion Listed) - The event is by invite only & Muddy River has secured a spot. Will be portraying Co. B of 13th Missouri Vols. - A rare  Union Civilian Impression.  On Original Battlefield.  Set up Camp Friday the 26th. - Contact Col. James Crofutt to sign up for this company.