Muddy River -2019 Schedule

Other Regional events of Interest

May 17 - 19 / Kingston MO. - Non-Spectator Tactical & C.W. Encampment. Held on private property & this event is by invite only which Muddy River Battalion has been invited. This is our big spring effort & the entire weekend is none spectator & will be mostly judged tactical's & lots of fighting, however some time to be set aside for battalion drill & activities. - Muddy River Max Effort! 

October 4 - 6 / Nebraska City, NE. - Civil War Encampment. In support of 1 of our member units the 1st Nebraska Vols., This is a generic weekend encampment basic early to mid-war Western Theater, battle each day. - Muddy River Max Effort!

Nov. 1-3 / Mill Springs KY. - Reenactment of the 1862 Battle of Mill Springs Kentucky. Held on the original battlefield. This will be the last time ever for an event here before the site is turned over to the N.P.S. - This event will have battles each day recreating parts of the original Mill Springs fight. It is being put on by the Atlanta Campaign Inc. & this is the big 2019 G.A.R. Push. 1st Federal Division Max Effort & also Muddy River Battalion Sanctioned!

April 26-28 / Wichita KS. - Cowtown Museum - Civil War Encampment. In support of our friends of the 8th Kansas, This is a generic weekend encampment basic mid war Western Theater, battle each day., We are limited to a 2 company, 40 Rifle detachment due to space & also because Frontier Brigade & Territorial Battalion are also sending detachments. - Muddy River Battalion Listed!

Sept. 20 - 22 /Corydon Iowa - Thunder in the woods, Generic Civil War Encampment, Mid War Western Theater impression. In support of our friends of the 36th Iowa. - Battle each day, Muddy River looking to field a small detachment of 1 or 2 companies for this event. Muddy River Battalion Listed!