25th Missouri - Company A

A.K.A. St. Joseph Union Rifles
Cpl. Mike Turner / St. Joseph MO. 

Unit Stats - One of our smaller units approx 3 to 5 man roster / Averages a couple of guys at most events & we usually have to assign them to a company / Years ago when first organized they had the ability to field 10 to 12 Rifles and they almost made it but then their officer moved away & unit numbers dropped to just handful of guys. The unit pretty much went defunct for a while, but there is currently an effort underway by a couple of its old guard members to get this unit back up & running again, re-organized per say. / Mess size unit located out of St. Joseph MO.   

UNIT BIO - The 25th Missouri was originally organized in 2008 as a St. Joseph Missouri based organization.  It has been an active member unit of the Muddy River Battalion from the start.  This unit right now is not exactly organized more than a mess size consisting of a couple of guys but there is a plan being put together to recruit this unit back up to strength and become a full stand-alone company. If you are a history buff living in or around the St. Joseph area we are looking for new recruits to help us get this unit up & running.  We want to eventually have an active unit here in St. Joseph that will not only support our Battalion but we also want to adopt Fort Smith Park here in St. Joseph and we want to get a small annual Living History encampment established there at some point.