Consolidated Company

7th & 30th Missouri Vols.

a.k.a. Missouri Irish Brigade
Capt. Mike Sager / Kansas City 

Unit Stats - Approx 40 man roster / Averages 18 to 20 rifle stand-alone company at most events / mainstream organization / founded in 1993 by James Crofutt / 1 of the old guard member units of the U.S. Muddy River Battalion / More of a family friendly organization with a decent size Civilian contingency / Monthly meetings / Located out of Kansas City area with members in and around / Has the ability to outfit potential recruits with loaners to try out hobby / actively recruiting new members! 

UNIT BIO - The 7th and 30th Missouri (Consolidated) is located in and around the Kansas City area and is a Northwest Missouri region unit. It has been around since 1995 as a Civil War Reenactment group and they portray the two original Irish regiment's that originally came from Missouri early in the War.  In 1864 those 2 original units ended up serving together in a Missouri Irish Brigade (& for a brief period was the only existing Irish Brigade in the nation), and a few months later were consolidated into an Irish Battalion. This is the time frame that the re-enactment unit has decided to portray.

     In 2009 the unit formed a 501c3 Missouri non-profit corporation called the "Missouri Irish Brigade of Civil War Reenactors". The 7th and 30th Missouri is the largest member unit of the Muddy River Battalion and currently numbers around 40 on its membership rolls. For most events, they are able to field as a stand-alone company & on occasion have been able to split into 2 companies to help the battalion out when needed. The unit is always actively recruiting and is trying to build up its membership numbers. If you are an avid history buff and if you live in northwest Missouri near the Kansas City area and think you might be interested, then please contact the Missouri Irish Brigade and let them know. 

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