Overall the U.S. Muddy River Battalion is an umbrella organization made up of various company level (Civil War Re-enactment) units in our region, that are working together to gain a better experience & give a more accurate portrayal.


As an organization the Muddy River portrays a typical 19th century era, Union army Infantry of the Frontier and Western theater of the war. The battalion puts an emphasis on the regimental experience and that level of organization, that the average soldier would have been a part of. Several times a year the battalion takes to the field and serves at various local, regional, or national Civil War events.


The Battalion currently has 4 Infantry Companies & 1 Artillery Battery as  full member units and 6 other associated units. Overall we can muster about 40 to 60 rifles in the ranks plus officers & Color Guard. This usually works out to the fielding of 3 or 4 companies depending on the event. Back during the sesquicentennial, we were known to field up to 120 Rifles with the help of our friends & associated units.  Member units of the Muddy River are, for the most part, located from as far north as the Nebraska and Dakota Territories, & even as far south as Springfield Missouri. However, the foundation of the battalion is right here in and around Western Missouri which (for the most part), serves as the home region.

Member Units

Much of the Old Guard of the U.S. Muddy River Battalion can trace its lineage from the old 2nd Battalion of the U.S. Frontier Brigade. In the spring of 2007, the U.S. Muddy River Battalion was organized as an Independent organization. We are now a proud member unit of the 1st Federal Division & the new G.A.R.


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1861 Battle of Carthage MO. 

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We are a Civil War Reenactment Organization & our reenactment battalion portrays a western theater Union Army Infantry Regiment or at least a scaled-down version of that. Most often though, at event's we portray actual historical regiments to the best of our abilities & so we try to research the original regiments that are being portrayed so we can be as close as possible in our impression.

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Battle Honors

In 2017 we were at the 1862 Battle of Pittsburg Landing (Shiloh Tn.)  -  Saturday Morning Scenario – Fraley’s Field (opening battle) we portrayed the 25th Missouri – Col. Everett Peabody’s Brigade, B.G. Benj. Prentiss 6th Division – Army of the Tennessee).

Saturday Afternoon (Hornets’ Nest scenario) – We portrayed the 18th Missouri of Col. Madison Miller’s Brigade (B.G. Benj. Prentiss, 6th Division – Army of the Tennessee).

During the Sunday Battle (Grants Counter Attack) we Portrayed the  1st Nebraska of Col. John Thayer’s Brigade (Lew Wallace 3rd Division, Army of Tennessee). Check out our other Battle Honors Page.