Muddy River - Videos

A detachment of the U.S. Muddy River Battalion at August 2018 Pipestone Mn. event.

Sept. 2014 - Muddy River Battalion was in attendance for the Battle of Pilot Knob 150 event. This is evening dress Parade with all Battalions online. U.S. Frontier (50th MO. Vols.) is on the right, U.S Muddy River Battalion (47th MO. Vols.) is in the Center & The Holmes Brigade/Campaigner Battalion (14th Iowa Vols.) are on the left of the line.

Fun little movie video - In 2017 the U.S. Muddy River Battalion traveled to Shiloh TN. to take part in the 155th-anniversary Reenactment of the 1862 Battle of Pittsburg Landing. Muddy River Battalion had the honor of portraying the 25th Missouri Vols. which was the unit taken out to Frailey's field where they made 1st contact with the Confederate attack & basically saving the day helping sound the alarm. We got to recreate this at Shiloh 155!

August 2018 - A Detachment of the Muddy River Battalion (13th U.S.) & our friends of the 1st Minnesota garrisoned Pipestone Mn. for the weekend. The Provisional Battalion under the command of Lt. Col. Bill Hoskins was formed up and reviewed by President Lincoln who afterward gave a humble speech to the Soldiers of the U.S. Volunteers!