1st Lt. Randy Megard - (Battalion Adjutant)

Randy Megard has always had a fascination with history. As a kid, he remembers playing Civil War in the pasture by the split rock river with his friends often times using broomsticks for muskets.  Years later Randy would go up to Fort Sisseton and watch the weekend drills that took place at the various Living History events. Randy joined the U.S. Marine Corps & served 8 years before returning to South Dakota & serving another 4 years in the South Dakota Army National Guard. The Pipestone Minnesota Civil War event caught Randy's attention and he went as a spectator a couple of times & ended up hanging around the camp of the 13th U.S. (Company D) which was a local unit out of the Sioux Falls South Dakota area.  As to be expected it didn't take long for those guys to recruit Randy and he joined the 13th U.S. as a new recruit in the spring of 1997 & officially became a Civil War Reenactor.  He has been an active member of that organization ever sense & serving in various positions such as Corporal, Sergeant and most recently as 1st Sergeant for the past few years.  In November of 2017 due to a vacancy that occurred Randy Megard was made Battalion Adjutant by the Colonel and promoted to 1st Lieutenant and made an Officer. 

Off the field when not Reenacting Randy enjoys hunting, running triathlons & riding his bike.   He also has an interest in World War 1 history and does a little bit of that reenacting on the side when not busy with his Civil war hobby.  Randy currently lives in Sioux Falls South Dakota with his wife Laurie who also reenacts & is a member of the Muddy River Chapter of the U.S. Sanitary & Christian Commission.