Brownville - Nebraska Territory

The Brownville Historical Society, Community and the Fremont's Pathfinders would like to welcome all to this years Old time Autumn Days, Oct. 13-14 2018 in Brownville Ne. The Civil War Re-Enactment is one of the many activities planned for this year's festival.  For those of you used to attending the Brownville event, you know that there are very few large flat level places in the city for camps, and those places also tend to flood, so guess what... Because of the large releases of water this year from the Gavin's Point Dam upriver we have had to change the locations of some of the camps for this event, so pay attention.

Firstly, all participants should stop by at the Didier Log Cabin/HQ on 2nd and Main Street to register and fill out the usual waivers. Then proceed to your designated camping area. There is no fee for attending this event.


US Infantry, Dismounted. and all Artillery: you will all be behind the old tan gas station (that says Bownville 1858 painted on it) where you have always been. When you come into town, the road T's off, going down the Power plant and Marina road and then turn in. You will camp in the large open space known as Whiskey Run Creek Lot. Parking for you will be to the north and east, in the area of the old grain elevator and in the Merriweather Lewis Marina area along the north/east side down near the bridge.

 All non-military civilians are to camp at the Red Railroad Depot just as you come into town and it T's off. Use the area up by the caboose first. Parking for you will be when the rest of the Federals park.

James Country Mercantile: you will be on the grassy lot at the north end of 2nd and Main, Just to the east side of the Masonic Building, across the street from the HQ Cabin. You may park your trailer in the alleyway area just to the north of you tent.

Moss Ellis: will set up in City Hall. May park his trailer in behind the Wheel Museum or maybe back with Del's trailer.

Amenities: Wood. Water, Straw. Some Hay. Musket Caps for Infantry/dismounts. Some Powder? Artillery and Mounted get cash bounties. Amount depends on how nice you are to the event host that weekend.

Rations: this event does not provide food for participants. Units are expected to bring and prepare meals as they are accustomed to. For those of you who do not wish to cook here are options:

The Historical Society is hosting a Chicken/Dumplings dinner in the Town Hall Sat. from 12:00 to 1:30. Free will donations go towards the Wheel House Museum.

The Lyceum will be open on Main Street. Sit down dinner. The Blue Bird Cafe on Main Street has sandwiches and more importantly ice cream. TJ's Tavern does not have solid nourishment, but there may be a BBQ place out of Auburn coming to set up there that weekend (unconfirmed). There will be food vendors on Main Street in front of the HQ cabin

The Community Market, just to the west of the Lyceum on Main has sodas/snacks. If you wish to travel, Auburn (9 miles west) has many sit down and fast food choices. Rock Port, (8 miles east along I-29) also has food places.

On Sunday, down at the River Boat,(past the Merriweather Lewis park) there is also a Community Church sponsored Pot Luck Style dinner, Re-enactors are welcome. Again free will donation.

ALL INFANTRY: be advised: there are three battles at this event. A Sat. morning street fight at 10:30 a.m., a scripted spectator battle at 2:30 and a Sunday spectator battle at 1:30. So sixty rounds of ammo may not be enough if you want to burn a lot of powder this weekend. Plan

Other Activities: numerous other community sponsored events. Dance Sat eve at 6:00 by Roundhouse Band. Parade Sunday at noon (all Re-enactors units strongly encouraged for this as we are the reason for the parade.) James Country Mercantile, Moss Ellis and his display of original Civil War firearms. Night cannon firing Sat. night down in the Marina. A rough schedule will be sent out in a later e-mail for those

Command Structure: Phil Lutz of Fremont's Pathfinders is overall Dictator in Chief. Play nice with each other this weekend. Play safe. He will have minimal staff available to him this weekend, so if you need refills on water/wood and other amenities, please send work details to
HQ to assist in promptly meeting your needs.

BLUE TEAM: Muddy River Bat. (Col. Crofutt of Muddy River Battalion) is in charge of all infantry and dismounts for the Federals. Questions as to ranks & company organizations & drills ect. go through him.

GREY TEAM: The Mo. Bats (Visser?) are in charge of all the Rebel infantry and dismounts. Again, your usual questions can go through their established structure.

ARTILLERY: Pettit's/Martin's/Schmitt. Figure out who is going Blue/Grey and how you want to set up on the battlefield as usual. Other units check in with them at the event. Artillery unit's which can galvanize are greatly appreciated.

CAVALRY: at this point, I know of no Blue horses coming. All Grey Horses

co-ordinate with Slocum's Brigade.