Battalion Contact for this event is James Crofutt - Additional Information will be posted here & on Facebook as we receive it from event sponsors. 

SPRING of 64

2ND ANNUAL Great Battle Stands event continues.


APRIL 30*MAY 3 2020

 We are calling it the "Spring of 64 " event.

It is based on the Shermans march to the sea in the spring of 64 and we will actually be creating numerous battles with 4 different armies.

The CS and US Campaign reenactors will begin Thursday on the far backside of the event site. They will battle non stop with the creation of armies on the march all leading to the main battlefields and culminating on Saturday for the scripted public battle.

As the main battles begin and move across the field, the Authentic armies will be "fed" into the field just as they were so they will be joining in from several different areas making a much longer and active battle for both Saturday and Sunday

At the same time, the US and CS mainstream armies will gather at the same locations as last year along with larger and more active Authentic Civilian camps as last year.

This will allow us more time for planned interactions with the public and school kids for some very realistic visual and exciting activities.

We are planning on bringing the "wounded in battle" soldiers into the civilian town along with numerous volunteer actors to give the public the full immersion of the panic and stress of what happened after the battle.



As of right now, Muddy River is looking to field a detachment of 1 or 2 Companies. Each Company must be no less then 20 Rifles but they are looking for 25 to 30 Man companies on average.  If you want to do the full Campaigner weekend then you need to hook up with Muddy River Battalions Campaigner wing which is the Lyon Legion. Noah Snelson is who you need to contact.  However, if you want to participate as a regular mainstream then be sure to contact Col. Joshua Anderson of Muddy River who is putting together the detachment that is going to be sent to this event.  When Registering for Spring of 64 just list your unit as Muddy River Battalion.

Event web site is at