McLains Colorado Artillery Battery

& Detachment 2nd Colorado (Dismounted)

Colorado Battery

& 2nd Colorado Detachment (dismounted) 
Capt. Don Seba / Wichita Kansas 

Unit Stats - This Battery deploys Mountain Howitzers & currently has 2 guns.  The unit also has a detachment of dismounted Cavalry probably around 8 to 10 Rifles & they portray 2nd Colorado Cavalry (dismounted), usually serving attached to the artillery to help protect the guns. Muddy River dose recognize these Troopers of the 2nd Colorado as being part of Muddy River Battalion because of the connection to the Colorado Battery but they are part of the Battery organization.

Unit Facebook Page - Colorado Volunteers

Unit Bio - McLain's Colorado Battery started in 2005 along with, and as a part of the 2nd Colorado Volunteer Cavalry. The unit eventually adopted the overall reenacting company name of The Colorado Volunteers. The unit consists of the howitzer section of McLain's Battery of Colorado Volunteer Artillery, the Grey Horse Squadron (dismounted) of Company "K", 2nd Colorado Volunteer Cavalry, and a Civilian Reserve.

The Colorado Battery became a member unit of the Muddy River Battalion in 2009, and with its cavalry by its side, has earned a proud reputation on the open field moving in support of our infantry or with other cavalry as the Battalion Artillery. We are also proud of our historic unit history involving operations against Indians and Confederate Guerillas, and our part in the historic 1864 Missouri Campaign of the Army of the Border.

We are a family oriented unit and our motto is; - Maneuver with skill, Execute with precision.