Associated Units

Associated Units are groups that do not necessarily hold official membership status within the Muddy River Battalion, however, they work closely with us and often time supports the Muddy River & falls in with the battalion at events. They are considered as associated member units, are on our mailing list, & in our group forums with the right to voice there opinion, but do not hold voting rights.  Upon earning full member status associated units will be given their own page.

37th Illinois (a.k.a. Fremont Pathfinders) - The Fremont Pathfinders is another unit based out of Nebraska. These guys have been around for quite a few years & do both Union & Confederate, but also they are a multi-branch organization that has Infantry, Artillery & Cavalry.  The Infantry arm of the unit portrays the 37th Illinois Infantry and often works with the Muddy River and it fields around a dozen rifles or so.

Unit Contact -2nd Lt. Shane Johnson - email

Unit Web Page - Facebook Site   

8th Kansas Vols. (Co. A)

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