8th Missouri State Militia

8th M.S.M.
Lieut. Matt Cordoves / Lebanon MO.

Unit Stats - Approx 12 to 14 man roster / Averages 3 to 5 rifles at most events & right now we usually have them march with there sister unit the 26th Missouri (which is also a fellow southern Missouri unit) / This unit despite the cavalry designation has the ability to do both Infantry & Cavalry impression. Mostly dismounted though they do have a few guys still with the horse, but unit edging towards a full time dismounted impression.  As dismounted they pretty much march and serve like infantry so the 8th MSM decided to join the Muddy River Battalion.  They hope to be a Standalone company in the next few years.  Sometimes at non-battalion events, they do portray full dismounted Cavalry, but whenever they march with Muddy River they have to be Infanty.

UNIT BIO - The recreated 8th Missouri State Militia is a Living History unit located in and around the Lebanon region sort of between Springfield and Rolla Missouri. They organized back in 2014 as a living history organization. Wanted to concentrate on the often overlooked aspect of the Missouri Militia so they decided to portray the 8th Missouri State Militia.    

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