26th Missouri Vols.

Boomer Boys

26th MO. - CO. B
Capt. Noah Snelson / Springfield MO. 

Unit Stats - Membership roster around 15 to 20 members. - usually fields as a stand-alone when they come to an event - Mix of both mainstream and campaigners. This unit does not have a civilian contingent & prefers it that way. Hulston Mills is there local event that they support each year.     

UNIT BIO -The 26th Missouri is based out of Springfield Missouri. Originally raised in the early 1990's by a collection of college students, the unit quickly moved from doing living history impressions to participating in events as reenactors. They joined frontier Brigade for a few years and then the unit had a period where a lot of its members had enlisted in the Army and were deployed for Desert Storm and so the unit sort of went quiet for a few years.  When they came back the 26th Missouri re-organized and joined the U.S. Muddy River Battalion in 2011.   Members of the 26th Missouri have participated in several Hollywood movies as extras and have also participated in hundreds of events since its inception.

Today we are proud to portray the 26th Missouri & there proud heritage serving as living historians in their honor and memory! 

Why we call ourselves Boomer Boys!

Original Recruitment add we found in the St. Louis Republican Newspaper issue date Oct. 8, 1862

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