First Federal Division - Updates!

UpdateS  from  1FD

  • 1st Federal Division is now under the command of Brig. General James Crofutt
  • New FFD Staff to be announced soon once the General gets a Staff put together!
  • Mill Springs Kentucky - 1st Weekend in November 2019. This is going to be the G.A.R. big push.  This site has some really nice pristine ground for an event. However, the battlefield is getting ready to be given over to the National Park Service so this will be the last Reenactment held here.    Many of the initial contracts have already been signed. Things are moving forward and looking good so far no real issues to report.  A site visit will be held in March during the G.A.R. meeting.  Federal Camps are really nice and for the most part, already laid out. Here is an early Site Map.
  • Col. Robert Van of the Cumberland Guard is overall Federal Commander for Mill Springs event, Bob Minton will be AAG on his staff. Looking at 2 main union army groups - 1 of the Cumberland Guards and its associates and the other army group to be comprised of First Federal Division troops under command of whoever is elected 1FD Commander, in some type of Brigade organization just depending on how the 1st Federal division meeting goes in January.
  • Long Rang Calander that the G.A.R. organization wants to pursue at this time is the following.

              Mill Springs - 2019
              Franklin or MurfreesboroStones River - 2020
              Wilson Creek - 2021 (assuming that someone is going to put that event on - G.A.R. will push heavy to support).
              Prairie Grove Ark. - 2022

              Vicksburg Campaign - 2023