18th Missouri - Company A

Morgans Missouri Rangers!

18th MO. - CO. A
2nd Lieut. David Gammill / Brookfield MO. 

Unit Stats - Small Unit / Unknown Roster strength, we think possibly around 6 to 8 guys but usually sends 3 to 5 Rifles to Battalion events. / located out of North Central Missouri Region around Brookfield & Chillicothe area / Formally the 42nd MO. Vols. Redesignated a few years ago. / Mainstreamers but open-minded enough to try to improve and not afraid to campaign if asked to do so.

UNIT BIO - Organized back in 2011 as the 42nd Missouri the unit is located out of the Brookfield Missouri area.  Redesignated to Company A 18th Missouri in 2015.  Its still a small company but it is looking to grow and we hope one day it will become a stand-alone company in the Muddy River Battalion.  The unit currently does not have a web page of its own but does has a Facebook page under the name Morgans Rangers.       

2Lt. David Gammill - email