15th Missouri

15th MO. (Campaigners)
Capt. Matt Bohnert / St. Louis MO. 

Unit Stats - 15th Missouri, this is a Campaigner unit based out of the St. Louis area. It has been put together from several campaigner messes such as the Tig Mess, Independent Guard, Salt Creek & few guys from the 11th Mississippi and also the Tangle Foot mess.  The core of the company, the Tig mess has been together since the 150th Wilson's Creek.

The 15th Missouri is a 16 rifle stand-alone company and brings 's to the battalion a strong veteran component.  This is the first time we think that a full-time Campaigner Company has joined a Mainstream Battalion.  Hopefully, it will help improve everyone's impression & outlook on things and benefit the battalion as a whole. This, of course, is an experiment per say and we hope one that can show that Mainstreamers and Campaigners can work together for the overall good of the Hobby!.

UNIT BIO - The 15th Missouri was organized in December 2017 and is a new unit.  It is a campaigner company so authenticity levels and the way things are done are going to be a little bit different than your standard mainstream unit. However, the vast majority of any Campaigner impression is your attitude and willingness to consistently improve on your impression and work with others in helping develop the overall company impression.  It really doesn't take much to do this properly but a little bit of extra work and an open mind to get it right for history sake.     

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